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Heart Disease Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

  • By Admin
  • 16 Jun 2017

Attention and precaution are always better than treatment and the same applies well to heart diseases. In order to prevent any kind of heart problem, one must eat well and adopt a physically-active lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle always pays well sooner or later, but the sad part is that even in our sincere efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we cannot be 100 percent sure about the quality of the air we breathe and the food we eat. Moreover, many times a health issue comes uninvited due to some hereditary reasons. In such cases, one needs to act smart and keep the eyes and mind open to identify and treat symptoms at an early stage.

Explained below are some of the heart disease symptoms that should never be ignored:

Unnatural Discomfort:One of the most common symptoms of a heart disease is some sort of discomfort in the chest. The reason for such a pain is any kind of blockage in the artery or some kind of pressure on the chest. The sensations can be different, but if it is not natural and causing discomfort, then immediate action should be taken.

Nausea and Heartburn: Some people have said that they experienced some sort of heartburn and a feeling of Nausea during a heart attack. This can even lead to vomiting and this kind of symptoms are majorly experienced by the ladies and not the gents. Although the symptoms are quite normal if these are showing up on a regular basis, it's time to consult an expert doctor.

Excessive Sweating: This is another big symptom that indicates a heart attack and hence, should not be ignored. Breaking out in sweat without any reason can give rise to an alarming situation.

No-Relief Cough: Whenever we experience a cough, the same gets settled in some time, but if in case it doesn't stop, that can be a reason for heart attack.

Swollen Parts: If the heart isn't pumping well, it could result in swollen body parts. Due to lack of proper heart pumping, the blood gets collected in the veins that further results in bloating. Also, one can even experience improper kidney functioning again resulting in body swelling. The severity of the symptoms might differ from the person, but these early symptoms should never be ignored. Moreover, if the symptoms are observed on a frequent basis, it must be brought to the notice of a health-care professional.