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Dermatologists Warn Against Popping Pimples? Here’s Why…

  • By Admin
  • 01 Jun 2018

One of the good things about pimples is that you can pop them out whenever you like and just get rid of them. You get irritated with the bulging spot appearing on your face, it expands further, and then forms a fully formed and pus-filled white-headed small boil like appearance. This makes you get more and more frustrated and the next thing you do is just press and pop them out to get rid of them. But, the dermatologists are totally against it. They recommend not squeezing the pus out of the acne. Although it may seem desirable to pop out a pimple by yourself at home, dermatologists recommend not to do so. Now, if you find this confusing, there are also justifications to this by the dermatologists:

You invite an infection: According to the dermatologists, by popping the pimples, you invite an infection on your skin. While you as the sufferer think that popping out the pimples may seem an end to the problem, it is not at all so. This practice of removing the pimple only makes the inflammatory area turn into an infectious open wound. All it results in leaving you to deal with the red, hot and full swollen blob for a longer time than leaving it alone.

You may get scars: Removing the pimple yourself may make your skin infectious and cause scars. The inflammatory condition of the skin causes the changes in the tissue of the skin that may result in raised bump. This causes scars on the skin and they do not heal easily.

You invite other skin problems: If you feel, bearing the pain and removing the pus makes you free from a pimple, then you are wrong. By pressing the pus-filled boil, you let other infections and dust go into your skin that may damage your skin. To avoid these problems, never try to ooze out the pus from a pimple and leave it as it is. Try rubbing ice on the inflammable area. Also, if the problem is really serious, just a visit a dermatologist to seek medical help. Use only the creams and medicines as prescribed by the doctor.