Dhootapapeshwar Panchatikta Ghruta Guggul Pack Of 2

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Restore your well being & relieve yourself from several health problems with this proven Ayurvedic formulation. Get 2 bottles of 60 Panchatikta Ghruta guggul tablets in each. A herbal medicine enriched with 8 natural ingredients like Deodar, Vidang, Vacha, Haritaki, Ativisha, Pippalimoola, Shatpushpa, & Gajapippali. Helps in curing painful ulcers, abscess, asthma, cough, cold, cardiac disorder, gout, rhinitis, & many skin diseases. A great remedy for dis-balanced Vata, Pitta, & Kapha. Consume 2- tablets thrice a day with normal water or as suggested by a doctor.

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