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SBL Wipe Clear Acne Lotion is an effective lotion for all your acne problems. It contains beneficial homeopathic medicines effecive for treatment of comedones and acne. SBL acne lotion is also effective aginst pustules, papules, acne vulgaris, & comedones on back, face, and arms. Usually, people in the age group of 13-26 years of age have acne, but individuals older or younger also are affected. The SBL lotion is effective for every indivdual(old/young). The active ingredients in the lotion like Berberis aquifolium Q, Bellis perennis Q, and Ledum palustre are effective against pimples, boils, and acne. Each bottle of SBL lotion consists 30ml lotion. Wash and clean the affected area and apply the lotion on it. Apply twice ever day for fast and effective results.

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