Herbal Shots Of Livohills Pack Of 2

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Herbal Shots Of Livohills Pack Of 2

( bottle of 500 ml Liquid )
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Your liver is the most important part of your body. Keep it healthy with one of the best ayurvedic tablets available in the market. Herbal shots of Livohills is known for its benefits it provides to the liver. The active ingredients in these tablets help you maintain the liver functioning. This pack of 2 contains 500ml liquid in each bottle. It posesses annti-oxidant properties. It is advisable to consume 15ml of liquid daily, twice a day. Take it before breakfast and dinner. The ayurvedic ingredients like Kasni, Arjuna, Guduchi, Gokshur provide help the proper functioning of your respiratory, digestive, and genito-urinary systems. It is suitable for both women and men.

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