Dabur Stondab Tablet Pack Of 2

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Dabur Stondab Tablet Pack Of 2

( bottle of 60 tablets )
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Dabur StonDab is one solution to all kidney problems & urinary infections. Patients suffering from the intolerable abdominal pain due to kidney stones, urinary tract infection, & other serious condition must take these tabs. Each tablet is obtained with the formulation of natural herbs & ayurvedic components including Punarnava, Shwet Parpati, Guduchi, Varuna, & more. This special pack of 2 Dabur StonDab tablets contains 60 tablets, 30 in each. Consume these tablets in right proportion i.e 1-2 tablets & twice a day. This ayurvedic medicine delivers instant relief from painful kidney stone & urinary calculus.

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