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Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Sanitary Pads Xxxl Pack Of 2

Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Sanitary Pads Xxxl Pack Of 2

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Packet of 3 Pads


This pack comes with good quality pads that will serve you perfectly during your monthly period. These pads are designed for extra absorption and all day protection with its wider hip guard. It also gives extra coverage on the inside back of the panty to prevent stains, even on heavy flow nights, no matter what position you sleep in. What is best about the SOFY Bodyfit Overnight XXL is that you can carry it wherever you go and it is easy to dispose as well. It will not only control bad odour but also, the wings ensure that there is no leakage. Just peel the paper of the napkin, stick it to your panty, and stay super dry, super comfortable all day and night long.