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Dr Ortho Ayurvedic

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With the changing life-style and eating habits, our body invites many health issues related to joints and knee pain. The one-stop solution to all these problems lies in Ayurveda. Herbs present in Ayurveda help us to get relieved from joint pains effectively. Dr Ortho Oilis one such ayurvedic oil prepared with 9 ayurvedic herbs derived from beneficial medicinal plant roots. The oil diminishes various pains associated with the head, back, muscles and joints without any side-effects, due to the Ayurvedic formulation. Cinnamomum camphora in the oil acts as a stimulant in circulating the blood around the body and relives from symptoms of cough, cold and flu. Linum usitatissimum in the oil is known for anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Each bottle contains 120ml. Apply this oil twice on the affected area for better results. If not sure, apply as directed by the physician.

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