Complan Refill Kesar Badam

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Complan refill kesar badam is a 100% milk-based nutritional health beverage fortified with 34 vital nutrients in balanced proportion. It is the best health drink for children and helps to grow faster and better along with the physical and mental growth. It is a nutrition expert and its formulation is designed mainly as per Indian Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). Complan drink is milk based, not malted and hence provides 100% of milk protein and has got 11 immunity boosting nutrients which only helps to sustain immunity and resists you from falling ill frequently. It is high in calories and one can get 419KJ for every 100 g of complain. These calories play an important role to keep your body active all day long and help you in improving your physical performance. It accelerates overall body growth and improves metabolism. Ingredients like iodine, iron & vitamin B12 improves functioning of brain, leading to increased alertness and concentration. Use under physician supervision and it is a non-returnable product.

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