Apthgone Drop

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Apthgone Drop

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Apthgone drop is used to treat apthous ulcers in the mouth, inflammation and burning sensation on tongue. Each 10 ml contains drop no.01: belldonna 30C HPI 15%, hydrastis mur 30C HPI 15%, drop no.02: nitric acid 30C HPI 15%, aethusa 30C 15 HPI 15%, drop no.03: baryta carb 1000C HPI 15%, borex 30C HPI 15%, drop no.04: kali chlorcium 30C HPI 15 %, muric acid 30C HPI 15%, aqua distilled Q.S. This pack contains 4 bottles to be used at the interval of 2 days. No side effects are seen as it is a homeopathic formulation. Still, consider your dentist before taking this.

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