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Will Vaccines Protect You Against The New COVID 19 Variants?

  • By Admin
  • 05 Mar 2021

As the Coronavirus keeps infecting more people, mutations are being occurred in its structure. This mutated virus seems to be better at accommodating the human body. But scientists are not sure how significant these new strains will be in developing a new pandemic. Evidence for these new strains to be deadlier than the existing one is very little.

But speculations are that it could be more transmissible due to rapid alterations in the spike protein of Coronavirus. If these new strains are neglected, there is a possibility of spreading faster and curbing more people. Experts suggest following the same methods that we currently follow wearing masks, washing hands, and practicing social distance to reduce the rate of transmission.

Meanwhile, the vaccine has been rolled out worldwide, and the demand is outstripping the supply. So scientists are working on whether the existing vaccine is enough to fight them, or if they should release an upgraded vaccine for COVID 19 new strains.

How Does a Vaccine Work? When you receive the vaccine, it enhances the working of your immune system by making it able to select the foreign body and prepare for a future attack. Vaccines mostly work by adapting to the host conditions, but in rare cases, we need to upgrade the vaccine to make it more effective against the virus. For instance, every year the vaccine for flu is modified keeping in view the mutations that occurred in the virus. The same applies to many other vaccines.

However, as Coronavirus is changing rapidly than ever it is becoming harder and harder to understand and analyze its mutations.

Need for the Second Dose Some virologists are of the opinion that there should be a second dose that is much effective in fighting the Coronavirus. Laboratories across the world are striving to understand the patterns of the emergence of new strains in Coronavirus. Early insights formed from these studies are rather incomplete. When a vaccine is given, our body develops a wide spectrum of antibodies that target several parts of the spike protein. This is an encouraging observation that doesn't render a vaccine to be ineffective.

According to the guidelines released by CDC, the vaccines that are being rolled out right now are effective against all types of COVID 19 variants. Yet there is no concrete proof that supports this information. This might be a little too early to conclude the effectiveness of the vaccine with the research still being in progress.

In India, the domestic vaccine shots for COVID 19 like Covaxin and Covishield are being administered. Promising information is released about the effectiveness of these vaccines. Though still under a clinical study, Covaxin seemed to be effective against the mutations in the Coronavirus.

Continue to Take Safety Measures Even after the vaccination, it is advised to keep following the safety measures. Though there is a reduction in the cases in a few countries, Coronavirus is not completely eradicated. So, to keep you and others safe follow state-issued safety guidelines. This reduces the rate of transmission of the virus which is a first step in eradicating it.