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What Precautions Can Be Taken Before, During And After Floods

  • By Admin
  • 20 Aug 2018

Sometimes, some things come without any prior notice or any warnings. One of these major natural calamities is the ''Floods''. Floods can come anytime, anywhere that turn your world upside down and leave you helpless. Let's take Kerala floods for instance. Hence, it is very important to be always ready to fight with such natural calamities and take all the protective measures to stay safe before, during and after floods.

Before floods( if it is forecasted)

  • Know about the relief centers and local hospitals & evacuation routes as well.
  • Plant many shrubs and trees and ensure to keep a lot of vegetation in your surrounding area, if you stay in a low-lying area as it may control erosion & also help in softening the speed of the running water.
  • Keep important information and emergency numbers handy, as well as medical kits, tools, and supplies.
  • Roll and fold up anything on to the higher ground, including the medicines and chemicals.
  • Ensure everything that is important is secure and safe(pets, documents & other valuables).

During the floods

  • Flash floods can occur in a very short span of time. As soon as it starts flooding, be quick, ensure the children and elderly are safe by leaving your house to the higher round.
  • Ensure to turn off all the electrical gadgets, heating and gas appliances if there is some time to do so.
  • Stay away from the power lines or broken power transmission cables in the house or the surrounding areas.
  • Leave the area before it gets too late. Do not drive through the water as it can sweep you away.

After the floods

  • Wait for the sign from the emergency officers to let you go back in the house.
  • Make sure to keep all the electrical appliances off until it is safe and an electrician has ensured that it is safe and fit to put to them on.
  • Flood water can cause a lot of infections in the body. Make sure to take proper vaccination and medicine for the same and visit the doctor, if you face any health problem.
  • Also, ensure to wear an appropriate mask and put the slippers on while cleaning the house.

If you happen to come across a city that faces flood and is in need, make sure to help them in whatever way you can. An act of humanity may help someone survive during floods and save them from any kind of diseases. There are online campaigns that are on-going that allow people to donate money, food, etc to the people in need in Kerala( the state that is fighting against all the odds to survive). Move forward and join the league to help the needy.