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What Is Causing This Pain In My Back?

By ChemistsWorld On 09 Jun 2021

If you are worried about what is causing this pain in your back, you are in the right place. First, you need to know that one in three people worldwide has back pain like you. Though that will not solve your everyday problem because of back pain, it will inform you of its difficulties globally. Though there are no causes because of underlying diseases, back pain is the leading cause of disability for people living in most parts of the world. It is the third most common cause for people to visit doctors. Hence let us check out what causes the pain in your back and the ways to reduce it.

Is The Back Pain Chronic Or Acute?

Since you are suffering a lot from back pain, it is not for the common reason for absence from work but one that needs special attention. Hence it is essential to check whether it is chronic or acute back pain. Chronic is the long-term back pain that develops over an extended period of over 3 months and causes many ongoing problems. Contrarily acute starts suddenly and may last for a few weeks, and there are no ongoing issues. If you are suffering from chronic, acute pain, it may be severe, and check out the following symptoms for it.

What Are The Symptoms Of Back Pain?

Though there is pain in many parts of the body, severe chronic back pain will be anywhere in the back to the buttocks and legs. It may have the following symptoms, and if it becomes severe, it is time for you to visit the doctor.

• Continuous fever
• Unexpected weight loss
• Feeling numbness around the genitals, anus, or buttocks
• Difficulty in urinating or urinary incontinence
• Swelling on the back or legs
• Not able to control bowel movements or fecal incontinence

What Is Causing Back Pain?

Now let us check out your all-important question of what is causing this pain in my back. One or a few of the following reasons may cause you back pain.

Structural & Spine Related Problems

• The spine gives not only the structure to the body but also responsible for its various activities. If there is something wrong with its many parts, you may have this pain in the back. There are disks for cushioning each vertebra in the spine, and the wear and tear causes the softness in the tissues to come out for generating the following.
• Disks are slipping, rupturing, and bulging the bones’ disks to rub each other to cause severe pain.
• Osteoarthritis causes problems with the joints in the lower back, hips, or other places.
• Stenosis is the term for the narrowing of the space around the spinal cord to cause pain.
• Osteoporosis causes the vertebrae bones to become porous and brittle for fractures to happen frequently.

Accidental Injuries

There may be many issues because of accidental injuries that recently happened, or even some time back and includes

• Strained muscles, ligaments, or tendons
• Spine fracture weakens the bones
• Spasms because of tearing muscles during exercises

Body Posture & Movement

If your job involves sitting most of the time, your body posture while working may cause back pain. Sitting in a hunched position for a prolonged time can cause back and shoulder problems. Also because of twisting, muscle tension, over-stretching, coughing or sneezing, bending awkwardly, straining the neck forward, and others could aggravate your back pain if you have long driving sessions without breaks. And if you are not sleeping in the proper mattresses and do not keep the spine straight may cause back pain.

Smoking, being overweight, not exercising, wearing high heels, and many more may cause you back pain. If it is severe, it is time to consult the doctor.

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