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  • By Admin
  • 24 Nov 2017

Although antibiotics are used to treat severe bacterial infections, its misuse has contributed to a rise in resistance to bacteria or side effects. The overuse of antibiotics fuels antibiotic resistance in bacteria, which can inhibit the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections. Overdoses are rarely dangerous, as it can lead to stomach upset and diarrhoea. Some simple steps can make the consuming of necessary medicines safer. Always read the label on the container and, if you do not understand something ask your doctor immediately. If a doctor prescribes a medicine for you, make sure the doctor knows all the other medicines you are consuming. This includes any prescription, OTC or any herbal preparations. Read directions, warnings carefully on all medicine labels and packages. Even over-the-counter medicines can lead to problems. Take medicine with a full glass of water. Do not stir medicine into your food, chew or crush tablets, or pull capsules apart until the doctor has asked you to do so, because this may change the way, the drug works. Do not take vitamin pills at the same time when you are taking medicine, because vitamins and minerals can cause an interaction with some drugs. Do not mix your medicines into hot drinks as the heat can destroy the effectiveness of the drug. Never take medicine along with alcoholic drinks. Whenever you are ill or low some times, never take medicines without getting the prescription from the doctor. Always ask your GP whenever you are taking any medicine for it, as it may lead to allergic reactions. Misuse of antibiotics or overdosing is a problem as infection may not get completely cured and over usage has contributed to antibiotic resistance and reduces the effectivity.