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What are the frequently expressed concerns over the COVID 19 vaccination?

By ChemistsWorld On 12 Feb 2021

Is it mandatory for someone who is recovered from COVID 19 to get

Yes. Even though you are infected and recovered from Corona virus, you must take the vaccine. It is a precautionary measure to get the complete schedule of the COVID vaccine as this will ensure an increase in the immunity against the disease.

Which is likely to last longer, the immunity you develop after the disease, or immunity gained after being vaccinated for COVID 19?

Natural immunity is what our body develops after fighting with a harmful external agent; in this case, it is the Corona virus. It usually varies depending on the disease and the person. As Corona virus is new, no one is sure about the time our natural immunity may last. According to the evidence available now, the reinfection of Corona virus isn’t likely to happen in the first 90 days after the first infection.

The data on how long the immunity will last after getting vaccinated is still not concrete. We need more data in the real-world setting to know well about the working of the Covid vaccine.

How will I know if I’m eligible to get the vaccine?

During the initial COVID 19 vaccine distribution, health care workers and front line workers are given the utmost priority. People above the age of 50 are considered vulnerable to the virus and are vaccinated in the first phase. In case a person has had one or more comorbid conditions like diabetes, cancer, or hypertension, they need to get vaccinated quickly as they too come under the high-risk category.

If you come under these categories, you will be informed by the Heath Facility through the number you have provided during registration. You will provide a scheduled time for the vaccine.

Are there any side-effects of the COVID 19 vaccine?

Before being introduced to the public, all the COVID 19 vaccines have undergone rigorous studies and are tested under several conditions to ensure safety. But like other vaccines, COVID 19 vaccine also has mild side-effects like fever or pain at the injection site. The potential benefits of taking the vaccine outweigh the risk factors associated with it. Measures are being taken at the vaccination sites to take care of these side-effects effectively.

Pregnant women are particularly prone to an increased risk of catching the corona virus infection. So, it is essential to get them vaccinated quickly. However, consulting a physician before is advised. Data is still not available on the safety of the COVID 19 vaccine among lactating women yet. People with other medical conditions can get the vaccine, provided they should check the ingredients in the vaccine to avoid any possible allergic reaction.

Should I continue wearing a mask and practice social distancing even after getting vaccinated?

YES, you must still wear a mask and continue social distancing even after getting the vaccine to prevent further spread of the virus. Research is being done about the protection that COVID 19 will provide in real-life conditions. The possibility of a vaccinated person acting as a carrier of the virus isn’t completely ruled out. Also, factors like the number of people who received the vaccination and the spread of the virus in the communities will affect discontinuing the safety measures.

While experts conclude this matter, we need to continue taking every measure to curb this global pandemic. To avoid catching an infection and spreading of Corona virus, follow these measures

• Wear a mask properly covering your nose and mouth
• Maintain 6 feet distance from others
• Avoid getting into crowds
• Try to be in ventilated spots
• Sanitise your hands and wash them often

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