The Rewards You Get When You Quit Smoking

By ChemistsWorld On 14 Sep 2018

When a strong craving hits you, it is quite easy to lose the sight of many benefits of quitting. You may also lose your focus, but there is no good reason for you to smoke.

To help you quit smoking, here are some rewards that will help you if you decide to quit smoking.

Immediate Rewards that you get when you quit smoking
There is no safe quantity of cigarette smoke. When you smoke, the chemicals in tobacco reach your lungs quickly each time you inhale. The blood carries the toxins to every organ in the body. But after one quits smoking, the body begins to heal within 20 minutes of the last cigarette.

The nicotine leaves the body within three days. As the body starts to repair itself, the person might feel worse instead of better. Although withdrawal can be tough, but it’s an indication that the body is healing.

Long-term rewards that you get when you quit smoking
Quitting can help a person to add years to their lives. Smokers who quit before the age of 40, reduce their chance of dying too early from smoking-related diseases by about 90 percent. Those who quit by the age of 45–54, reduce their chance of dying too early by about two-thirds. One can take control of their health by quitting and staying smoke-free. Over time, one will greatly lower their risk of death from lung cancer and other problems such as stroke, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and at least 13 other kinds of cancer.

When one quits smoking, they also protect their loved ones from the dangerous secondhand smoke. They even set a good example and show their family that a life without cigarettes is possible.

Hence, in order to live a healthy and content life along with your loved ones, it is a great thought to quit smoking. You can consume the chewing tablets available in the renowned online pharmacy stores at affordable prices.

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