The Most UnOfficial Day Celebration: “Make Your Bed” Day

By ChemistsWorld On 11 Sep 2018

Yes, every year the celebration of this most unofficial day is being celebrated world wide. The main objective of the “Make Your Bed” day is to motivate the individuals to make their beds everyday as soon as they wake up. When you come back from the office after a doing all the work and assignments, nothing can give you mental peace other than a cleaned and tidy bed.

What are the reasons to make yo bed every morning you wake up?


  • It gives you a fresh feeling when you reach home: Making your bed the moment you wake up, makes you feeling fresh and gives you a positive vibe for the rest of your day. This achievement works and instantly sets your mood.


  • It vanishes all your stress away: When you clean a room, it definitely cleans your mind as well. The moment you complete cleaning your bed, the complete room looks tidy and clean.


  • Your room looks tidy: The key to make your bedroom look spick and span is making your bed in the morning as soon as you wake up. The small rooms look more neat and clean where the most of the space is occupied by the bed.


  • It makes you responsible: Performing even a small activity like making your bed everyday can make you responsible and even make you true to what you promise. It gives you a small sense of pride.


  • You can become a role model: The young children take in all the habits that they observe. The moment you start practicing the good habits, the others begin to follow them too.

Hence, you must imbibe the best habits in yourself to set an example in front of the next generation. Every individual must hence observe the ”Make Your Bed day” that is celebrated on 11th September every year.