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Covid Vaccine

Will Vaccines Protect You Against The New COVID 19 Variants?

By ChemistsWorld on 05 Mar 2021

As the Coronavirus keeps infecting more people, mutations are being occurred in its structure. This mutated virus seems to be better at accommodating the human body. Bu

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Corona Virus vaccine

What are the frequently expressed concerns over the COVID 19 vaccination?

By ChemistsWorld on 12 Feb 2021

Is it mandatory for someone who is recovered from COVID 19 to get Yes. Even though you are infected and recovered from Corona virus, you must take the vaccine. It is a precautionar

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COVID-19 Vaccination

India’s COVID-19 Vaccination Drive has Begun: All You Need to Know

By ChemistsWorld on 18 Jan 2021

The health ministry of India said on Saturday that close to 200,000 people were vaccinated on the first vaccination day. India launched its Covid-19 vaccination program

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