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Start Using Magical Herb Holy Basil/Tulsi

  • By Admin
  • 29 Aug 2016

It is small plant with various healing qualities. Most popularly found in India & other tropical regions of Asia. Basil has pointed round leaves that are either Light green color or may be with slightest shades of red and purple. Both the Leaves and seeds are rich with healing properties. In India people worship holy basil due to its religious background.

Its a small plant with complete health package. This plant don't need special attention in your garden, timely watering will be sufficient for its best growth.

Nutritional elements in Basil/Tulsi - Vitamin A - Vitamin K - Vitamin C - Magnesium - Iron - Potassium - Calcium Regular use of Basil/Tulsi have following possible health benefits.

1) While suffering from fever & common cold drink water after boiling it with tulsi leaves & seeds.

2) Reduces cough & respiratory problems.

3) Aids in weight loss therapy

4) Beneficial in eye disorder(reddish eyes, vision problems)

5) Regular use will kill bad breath.

6) For Diabetic patients its a blessing.

7) Forget about headaches & completely generous stress buster.