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  • By Admin
  • 21 Aug 2017

No one loves to visit a physician, but no matter how fit and healthy a person is, he or she is bound to experience any of these most common diseases. Nowadays health problems are growing day after day. Your body can throw you for a loop at any time. Would not, be it great to have a live-in doctor at home to end your everyday aches and pains? For generations, women have performed mini medical miracles with their homemade solutions for everything from colds to constipation and science is finally backing them up. But still, before opting for generic drugs people opt for natural remedies to treat their common ailments at home. So, here we have got some of the natural remedies which you can easily find in your kitchen to treat common problems and feel better fast.

1. HOW TO COMBAT COLD, COUGH, AND FLU Sneezing and congestion could result from a cold caused by a viral infection. Try a bowl of chicken soup to banish your cold, as it has anti-microbial effect. You can also try steaming to clear up the congestion. It is recommended to take lemon and oranges as a source of Vitamin C as it kills the virus and bacteria. To calm a nagging cough you can take 2 tsp of honey along with 500 mg of Ester C. 30 minutes before going to bed.

2. HOW TO CURE HEADACHES & SORE THROAT Gargle twice a day with the solution of six pressed garlic cloves mixed into a glass of warm (not hot) water. Follow the regimen for 3 days. It has been found that garlic juice has antimicrobial properties and also soothes inflamed tissue. For Headaches, try acupuncture at home as it helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches in frequent sufferers.

3. HOW TO COPE UP WITH VOMITING Dip a cotton makeup pad into isopropyl alcohol, hold it up to your nose, and take a few deep breaths (not more than three in a 10-minute period). 50% reduction in nausea has been found.

4. HOW TO EASE ECZEMA The itchy rashes, scaly patches and skin crack that signal eczema usually appears on your hands or neck or on the insides of your elbows or the backs of your knees. To cure add a sprinkle of baking soda or uncooked oats to a warm bath for a skin-soothing effect. If the area becomes infected, your physician may recommend adding a capful of bleach to your bath to get some relief.

5. HOW TO HEAL MINOR BURNS Accidents due to cooking are the main causes of first-degree burns, but as long as the top layer of skin isn't broken, and the burn isn't bigger than three inches in diameter, you can cure it. Place the burned area under cold running water for several minutes, until the pain & swelling subsides. Then apply a thin layer of lotion containing aloe vera on the burn.

6. HOW TO COMBAT MENSTRUAL CRAMPS Apart from the hot water bottles, painkillers and stretching, you can opt for Vitamin d tablets 5 days before the next expected period to reduce those cramps.

7. TREAT BAD ODOUR OF MOUTH Treat bad breath by gargling with acidic lemon juice. You can also take plain unsweetened yogurt, which contains beneficial lactobacillus bacteria.

8. TO COMBAT ARTHRITIS OR JOINT PAIN Try turmeric and ginger at home as it is an ancient herb and known to treat inflammation of soft tissue or joints. You can also go for hot therapy/fermentation.

9. RELIEVE MUSCLE CRAMPS: Low magnesium levels in blood cause pain and tightness in the body due to the formation of lactic acid. Use Epsom salt solution for bathing.

10. GET RELIEVED FROM PUFFY & TIRED EYES Black tea is enriched with astringent compounds called tannins, which tighten the bags under your eyes. Dip a tea bag into a cup of hot water for several minutes. Cool in the fridge, and then apply the damp bag as to compress the closed eye for 10 minutes.

11. RELAX A STIFF NECK Neck usually gets stiff due to slow blood circulation to lymph nodes and muscle tissues. Use contrast hydrotherapy, a quick blast of hot, then cold water to get the blood pumping again. Under the shower, first, run hot water over your neck for 20 seconds to increase blood flow and then switch to cold one for 10 seconds to constrict blood flow.

12. SOFTEN CHAPPED LIPS & ACNE Rub on anti-inflammatory and moisturizing olive oil 2-3 times a day to soothe, soften, and lubricate the chapped lips. Results will be immediate and noticeable, but it will take a few days before they start to heal on their own. For Acne, apply a topical treatment containing 5 percent tea tree oil. They occur when pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells, making them inflamed and infected.