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Should Someone Really Worry if They Notice Nail Changes?

  • By Admin
  • 21 Aug 2018

Healthy nails tend to appear smooth & have consistent coloring. As a person gets older, they may develop vertical ridges, or the nails may become a bit more brittle. This does not cause any harm. Spots that are caused due to an injury must grow out with the nail. The abnormalities like discoloration, spots, & nail separation are the after effects from injuries to the hands and fingers, infections, viral warts, and certain severe medications such as those used during the chemotherapy. There are certain medical conditions that can also change the appearance of the fingernails. However, it can prove to be a tedious task for someone to interpret these signs. The finger nail's appearance is not just enough to determine a particular illness. A doctor uses this information along with the other symptoms and a physical test to perform the diagnosis.

Abnormalities in the nails:

  • A nail separating from the skin
  • Nails that become brittle
  • Bleeding around the nails
  • Nails that are pitted
  • Changes in the nail thickness
  • Changes in the nail shape

These nail variations can be caused due to any of the following reasons mentioned:

  • Clubbing: This is when your nails thicken and they curve around the fingertips. This process generally takes around years. This may due to low oxygen in the blood and other conditions like pulmonary and liver diseases.
  • Leukonychia: Non-uniform lines or spots on the fingernails are called Leukonychia. They generally result from minor trauma and are harmless in individuals who are healthy.
  • Pitting: This refers to small pits or depressions in the nail. It is usually common in individuals who are suffering from psoriasis(a condition that causes the skin to become irritated, red, and dry.

These are the common most nail issues observed in the individuals. However, you can avoid many such nail abnormalities if you take good care of your nails and prevent it from any big problem. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to keep your nails clean and healthy:

  • Keep your nails dry and clean. Remember, to trim them once in every week to keep them clean.
  • Always use nails clippers and trim them after you bathe, when nails are still soft.
  • Using sharp manicure scissors, trim your nails straight across, rounding the tips gently.
  • Don't bite or tear at your nails, or pull on hangnails.

If you have problems with your nails and are not able to find an underlying cause, it is beneficial to consult a doctor and get them treated at the earliest.