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Proven Ways to Keep Up The Metabolism Rate

  • By Admin
  • 10 Apr 2017

One of the major factors that affect our overall health and describes the fitness level is our metabolism rate. In present day's complex work environment, we hardly get any time to pay attention to our body's metabolism rate. In a layman's language, it is a rate at which a human body consumes and utilizes the calories. You must have observed that some people remain absolutely thin even on eating much, whereas the others are fighting with obesity even on consuming fewer calories. This difference is due to the difference in the metabolism rate. There are certain effective methods that help to regulate the metabolism rate in a human body. Many people are unaware of these methods as they have accepted their body's in the way it is functioning. Here are the proven ways to regulate the body's metabolism rate:

Never Cut Down On Calories: It is the biggest myth that cutting down on calories can improve the body's metabolism rate. In fact, eating at regular intervals is very important for metabolism regulation. Try to substitute high-calorie foods with their healthier versions, but complete cutting down will be a big mistake. For example: use olive oil in place of clarified butter and refine oil, and honey in place of refined sugar etc.

Skipping Breakfast Is A Big No: Many people presume that skipping meals can help them regulate their metabolisms and stay fit. Researches have been performed throughout the world and it has been observed that skipping meals, specifically the first meal of the day, is the biggest culprit behind disturbed metabolism. The breakfast must be consumed with half-an-hour of getting up.

Make High-Intensity Interval Training Your Companion: One of the easiest ways to make up for the excess calorie intake is to engage in some kind of physical activity. One such activity that helps to burn those extra calories in the most efficient manner is high-intensity interval training. An example of an HIIT circuit can be a plank followed by, Burpees and squat jump. This kind of exercises keep the heart pumping and are very beneficial for weight management. Make sure that these are performed only after taking proper guidance of a professional in order to avoid any kind of side effects.

Up Your Water Intake: Proper water intake is very important for regulating the metabolism in a human body. Lack of water can make one feel bloated and this will largely impact the body metabolism rate. It is recommended to consume at least 1.5 Liters of water in one day to burn a significant amount of calories.

Proper Sleep Is A Must: Lack of sleep promotes an imbalance in the body metabolism rate. Getting 7-hour sleep is a must to ensure proper metabolism rate. Staying awake for long leads to eating at odd hours that results in fat accumulation. So, sleep better in order to look and feel better. The above-specified facts about body metabolism are well tried and tested. One should be very particular about the meal duration, sleep hours and water intake so as to end up living with a healthy metabolism rate.