Proven Effective Ways To Deal With Hypertension

By ChemistsWorld On 26 Jun 2018

With your age increasing, you may even find your blood pressure touching heights too. This may be due to few of the many reasons like having a poor diet, being overweight, not exercising regularly, and many such other reasons. Hence, it becomes very essential to take proper care of yourself under such conditions. Even depression and stress tend to increase the blood pressure levels in the body of an individual.

Here are some of the home remedies that you must try for dealing with hypertension problems.

1. Eating one clove of garlic either in meals or raw helps in reducing the blood pressure levels in the body.

2. Chewing celery can also help in reducing the blood pressure levels in the body. It relaxes your muscles, lining the arteries. You must consume at-least 4 stalks a day in order to notice visible results.

3. You must have a great exercise routine that must be followed everyday regularly. You can try Aerobics as it is one of the best exercises to reduce stress.

4. It is very important to be stress free to lead a healthy and happy life. Playing and cuddling with your loving pet may help in bringing down your pressure in a few minutes. But, you must prevent isometric exercises like weight lifting.

5. Always pay attention towards your weight. People who are obese are at higher chances of high blood pressure levels.

6. Have Nutmeg or Saraswat powder in warm milk.

7. Avoid alcohol and reduce salt intake.

8. You can even have juices made of carrot, wheat-grass, basil, garlic, orange, cucumber, or beetroot.

Regularly following the above-mentioned tips and practices are definitely going to help you in lowering the blood sugar levels/hypertension to a greater extent. Apart from following them, make sure to visit a physician at regular intervals of time for health checkups.

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