Problems faced by the construction site laborers and how to overcome them

By ChemistsWorld On 01 May 2018

May 1st is marked as World’s Labor Day, and every one of us knows about this. Some of us enjoy this day as we get leave from the office, while some of us just know that this day exists. But, do you even know that while we celebrate the so-called glory of this day, there are some day-to-day challenges and problems faced by the laborers working on the construction site? Just get your eyes upon these below mentioned problems and take some necessary action towards it rather than just enjoying it.

Construction industry stands as one of the most important industries to generate employment and provide better living standards for people in rural and urban areas. The workers employed in the construction industry are financially backward and face many other problems like:

No promise of a permanent employment: None of the contractors or the owners gives an assurance of the job to the workers. During rainy and summer seasons, the demand of construction workers reduces to a greater extent. A recent study reveals that about 90% of workers face this problem that highly affects their family income and standard of living and leads them towards depression, stress and anxiety problems.

There is no social security: The construction workers do not have an idea of the social and labor welfare programs run by the government. This, in turn, makes them work under the uncertain condition, no medical facilities are granted, and there is no safe working environment.

No fixed working hours: Usually, a person has to work for maximum 8-9 hours in a government, non-government or an organized sector. But, according to a recent survey, it is observed that the construction workers are made to work for almost 10-12 hours in a day.

Not only these, the workers even face other problems like unsafe working conditions, injuries, noise, made to work at higher places, etc. These issues obviously affect the working efficiency of the laborers and hamper their living standards. Hence, beneficial efforts must be taken to diminish or at least reduce these problems to some extent to ensure a healthy and wealthy living of the construction workers. Even they are humans, and every human has the right to live and enjoy the life. The government must take a step ahead to provide all the necessary measures to improve the life of the laborers and until this step is not taken, we cannot say it as a ‘‘Happy” Labor Day.

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