Obstetrics Vs Gynecology: What are the differences?

By ChemistsWorld On 06 Aug 2018

Many people misunderstand the concept of Gynecology and Obstetrics. They do not know the major differences between the two. This article mainly focuses on the description of the two, their concerns and what exactly are they related with. If you too do not have a clear understanding of both the concepts, this article may prove to be really helpful and let you understand when you must see an Obstetrician and when you must visit a Gynecologist.


Obstetrics is one of the medical terms that specifically deals with the health of a woman and her baby. A woman faces a lot of complications during her pregnancy phase. These problems can harm the pregnant woman or the developing fetus or both. Regular prenatal visits to an obstetrician help a woman recover from these problems at an early stage. If not treated early, these problems can turn the normal pregnancy into a high-risk pregnancy.

Many women who have no complications before pregnancy, may face serious health concerns during pregnancy. Some of the problems include high blood pressure, infections, gestational diabetes, and other complications.

An obstetrician is well-experienced and trained to handle all these complications. He performs methods like 3D ultrasound to check the development of the fetus inside the womb to ensure the delivery phase goes smoothly without any deadly threat to the mother and the baby. Also, he makes sure that both mother and child are healthy after pregnancy. Be it a normal delivery or caesarian, an obstetrician has all the knowledge to make it go easily.


There are many obstetrics who are also gynecologists, but their job is different. A Gynecologist is the one who deals with all the other female reproductive problems that start from puberty to the phase of menopause and more. One must visit a gynecologist to check for any infections in the breasts, any pain or discomfort in the uterus, contraception and even infertility issues.

A gynecologist also deals with serious diseases like cancer of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix. He knows to perform several surgical methods like oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries), hysterectomy(removal of the uterus), and also treats complications like painful intercourse, vaginal issues, etc.

When you are in search of the Obstetrics and Gynecology center, perform your search well. Best would be looking for the options online. There are certain renowned hospitals who offer you an access to something called a patient portal, which makes you avoid standing in the long queues for appointments and helps you keep a track of medical records, make payments easily and even communicate with the office.

Look for such similar options to ease your work.

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