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Nine Must-Know Reasons That Cause Bloating With Aging And The Best Ways To Avoid It

By ChemistsWorld On 31 Aug 2021

If you are an aging person, to say it is just bloating for your bulging belly, you are in the right place. Though bloating occurs to people of all ages, it increases with age for many reasons.  It may be from reducing metabolism to rising medications, among others. And if you are eating without control or smoking or drinking alcohol, it only increases the bloating with age. Moreover, it causes a lot of discomforts as the gastrointestinal tract gets filled with air or gas.  Hence there is excessive flatulence and rumbling in the stomach to disrupt the daily activities.  Also, continued bloating could be because of any underlying ailment that is harmful and could lead to serious health problems, including a threat to life.  Hence check out the nine must-know reasons that cause bloating with aging and the ways to avoid them.

Reducing metabolism

It is a known fact that as you age, your metabolism rate decreases.  Metabolism is the chemical reaction of burning the calories in the food.  With reducing metabolism, there is less burning of the calories in the food to cause indigestion and bloating.  The best way to avoid it is by reducing the food intake and eating only easily digestive foods.

Decreasing physical activity

With aging, naturally, most people have decreased physical activity. However, it again slows down the digestive system to cause bloating.  Hence it is essential to follow a strict exercise routine to digest the eaten foods to reduce bloating.

Pepsin secretion decrease

The principal acid protease in the stomach responsible for breaking the proteins is Pepsin.  Along with the increase in age, the secretion of Pepsin decreases by approximately 40%.  Hence, with aging, you will not break the eaten proteins to give strength to the body.  These undigested proteins cause bloating and also weaken the body.  The best way to solve it is by eating pepsin-rich foods like papaya, pineapple, mango, honey, avocado, banana, etc.

Increase in food sensitivity

As you age, you may expect to increase sensitivity to specific foods.  It mainly occurs with fiber-rich food for aged people as it takes a long time to digest in the stomach.  Though it is suitable for diabetes and weight loss, eating fiber when you are sensitive to it will cause bloating.  Hence, it is best to avoid such foods during dinner or take it only in smaller quantities during the daytime to prevent bloating.

Improper digestive system

The digestive system is one of the most prominent systems in the body to keep it active and healthy.  But with aging, the many parts in the system get less active and do not function to the full potential to cause bloating.   Hence reducing the food intake will reduce the work of the digestive system to stop bloating.  Eating only healthy food with a proper diet will help avoid bloating caused by the improper digestive system.

Lifestyle changes

With aging, you may experience many lifestyle changes that may cause bloating.  Stress and lack of sleep will cause many health issues that may lead to bloating.  Also, losing interest in keeping the body healthy because of professional and personal commitments may add to bloating.  Smoking and drinking alcohol will boost the bloating chances.  Hence, it is essential to maintain a proper lifestyle to avoid bloating.

Putting excess weight

As many people age, it is common to put on excess weight, including belly fat.  It is one of the primary reasons cause bloating as the body will require more food.  And eating an extra quantity will cause bloating and increase the weight to lead to many health issues.  Hence it is advisable to monitor the weight and keep it under control to avoid bloating even with aging.

Too many medications

With aging, many take too many medications for chronic to simple ailments. For example, even for a headache, they take too many painkillers that upset the digestive system to cause bloating.

Other health conditions

Due to the wear and tear of aging, many body parts get damaged to cause many ailments.  It includes diabetes, IBS, Crohn’s disease, heartburn, and others.  These ailments and their medications cause bloating, and the only way to solve it is to lead a healthy life.

The primary cause of bloating with aging is digestive issues, and hence it is advisable to drink slowly and eat the food by chewing it many times in the mouth.  Also, reducing eating quantity confining only to a healthy diet, changing to proper lifestyle and doing exercises will stop bloating even with aging to lead a healthy and happy life for a long time.

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