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  • By Admin
  • 27 Apr 2018

Drooling in your sleep is nothing to be embarrassed about, rather it is common among people with all age and generally occurs in people with neurological disorders due to the weakening of muscles around the mouth, thereby leading to excessive salivation. Drooling is defined as an unintentional flow of excessive saliva from the mouth and is very common among infants for the first two years, as newborns do not have full control over swallowing of saliva. The medical term for excessive saliva secretion is Sialorrhea.

What are the causes of drooling?

Drooling occurs due to some medical conditions and is not a symptom of some serious alert. It can be cured easily, let's find out the causes of drooling and how to treat it:

1. Sleep Position This is the most common cause of drooling and every one must have experienced it once in a lifetime. People who have the habit to sleep on their stomach are likely to drool and it has everything to do with gravity.

2. Mouth Breathing However, breathing is an involuntary function and one cannot control the way they breathe during sleep. Breathing from mouth happens to be one of the major reason for drooling, it may happen because of several reasons like inability to take enough of oxygen through the nose, cold, allergies, etc.

3. Blocked Sinuses Drooling more than often is common if you are, prompt to nasal congestion due allergies, infection or flu as blocked sinuses make you more likely to breathe through the mouth.

4. GERD (Gastrointestinal reflex disorder) This condition makes the gastric acid that tends to let your stomach flow back into the oesophagus, thereby, damaging its lining, thus lead to excessive saliva secretion.

5. Side effects of certain medication Some medication and antibiotics have resulted in the cause of drooling.

6. Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea is responsible for irregular sleep because your body stops breathing occasionally, and drooling becomes common. It is a serious issue, which needs to be treated popularly.

7. Dental Problems Teething in infants, gum problem or teeth infection is also responsible for excessive saliva production.

How to treat drooling?

1. Stop Breathing through the mouth

2. Sleep on your back

3. Perform some facial exercise

4. Meditation

5. Consult your doctor about your medicines.

Drooling can be easily be treated by underlying the cause of it. If you are experiencing excessive drooling then it is a serious issue to take a concern about and contact a physician for better treatment.