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Move Towards A Plastic Free Future This Environment Day

  • By Admin
  • 05 Jun 2018

Every year, 5th June is being observed as World Environment Day. Since its conception, this day has been having a special theme based on the most important concerns every year. This year the theme for this day is something again a major cause of concern, i.e., ''Beat Plastic Pollution''. This is to make realize every individual that they must now take charge of their environment and even realize the severity of utilizing plastic in day-to-day life. If we go according to the stats, every year almost 5 trillion polythene bags are being used worldwide. Shocking as it may sound, but this is true. This indicates an alarming danger to human and marine life. The new thing that is observed this year is that India is the global host for World Environment Day and the country is celebrating the day by organizing the beach cleaning drives. After China, India is all set to become the next destination for the abroad forces to throw away their wastes. One of the biggest issues faced by India is that since the usage of plastics has been increasing at an alarming rate, the country does not seem to have proper regulatory mechanisms to control the waste effectively. However, India has been taking productive measures to manage the waste in the country. Presently, the country has banned the use of plastic in 25 states & union territories. From the public point of view, here are some of the measures that people can take to reduce the use of plastic in day to day life:

  • Ensure you carry a brown paper/ cloth bag whenever you go shopping.
  • Don't throw the plastic bag after every use, rather reuse them.
  • Buy a set of metal cutlery instead of plastic ones.
  • Decrease the purchase of pre-packaged food items.

With this note, remember one more thing, ''If you can't reuse them, refuse them''.