Is your Skin Showing Wrinkles? Prevent Skin Ageing Problems through Online Medical Store India

By ChemistsWorld On 13 May 2019

The signs of ageing starts from your skin only. The signs are wrinkles, age spots, fine lines on your forehead, eyes and lips. You can use the anti-ageing cream for it but changes in lifestyle can do wonders and prevents the signs of ageing. Also, you are required to consult with dermatologists. He will write some medicines that can be ordered from online medical store India. We are discussing some tips to prevent your skin from ageing.

1. Avoid Exposure to sun– Protect your skin from harmful sun rays to prevent it from wrinkles. Stay indoor when the sun is strongest. Apply the sunscreen of a strong SPF for at least 20-30 minutes before going out in Sun. Reapply it after some time.

2. Stay Hydrated– Dehydrated skin is the major cause of wrinkles. In order to maintain the elasticity and moistness of skin, drink at least eight glasses of water on regular basis. If you will not drink required amount of water, then the skin will become dehydrated and will lose its elasticity.

3. Quit Smoking– Quit smoking to delay ageing. It reduces blood supply and nourishment to the skin. The skin loses its elasticity and moisture. It causes wrinkles around the corners of the eyes and mouth. Consult doctor for more information and you can purchase medicine from online medical store India.

4. Take Eight Hours of Sleep– When you don’t take required sleep, then body produces excessive cortisol hormone that breaks down the cells of the skin. Taking proper sleep will result in the production of human growth hormone that makes the skin elastic and wrinkle free. You get less tired and a natural glow on the face.

5. Do Yoga or Exercise on Regular Basis– Start doing face yoga to keep your face younger looking and glowing. These facial exercises keep the ageing and wrinkles away.

6. Eat Healthy– you must include vitamins in your diet to keep the skin free from wrinkles. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits as they are the storehouse of anti-oxidants.

7. Avoid Stress– Stress releasing hormones like cortisol will decrease the muscle tissue under the skin. This makes the skin looks thinner and old.

8. Use Moisturizer– Always use the moisturizer to hydrate your skin. The moist skin is less likely to develop fine lines and crease on the skin.

9. Consult Dermatologist– If the problem is serious, then consult your doctor for proper treatment. You can upload your prescription and go for online medicine purchase in India.

You must use tap water to remove oil and excessive moisture from face. It will prevent from wrinkles. If you wash them frequently with soap, then it take away the moisture from skin.

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