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Is Coronavirus Likely To Become Seasonal Flu?

By ChemistsWorld On 01 Mar 2021

COVID 19 pandemic is something that has shaken up the world for a very long time. This global pandemic has affected nearly all the countries and every industry of the wild. Though the world isn’t new to pandemics, COVID 19 has thrown many new challenges that the world still has to overcome.

While research on curbing the Coronavirus is going on, speculations of whether this virus will turn into seasonal flu are raised. New researches are surfacing each day and support for COVID 19 becoming seasonal flu is getting stronger.

What Categorizes a Seasonal Disease?

Seasonal diseases are caused by viruses that peak in a certain season and circulate during that time of the year. During the cold months, respiratory diseases like the common cold, influenza, and syncytial viruses usually spread.

There are many factors involved in the new Coronavirus becoming seasonal flu. The virus was giving in to the weather factors, people developing herd immunity through vaccination, and by being exposed to the virus are a few. But when compared to the history of other similar viruses, researchers picked up a few hints that COVID 19 is likely to become seasonal. All these viruses have to vary seasonally and are susceptible to changes in weather patterns like temperature and humidity.

The Transmission of Coronavirus

As more people kept getting exposed to COVID 19, the pattern of the disease started to change. Though this disease is full of surprises, researchers seemed to have cracked a few. The rapid emergence and spread of SARS-CoV-2 made them change the pace of combating the virus. The key to this lies in knowing how the virus is being transmitted from one person to another. The number of people affected by the COVID 19 virus increases, the virus weakens and becomes vulnerable to environmental conditions.

The new strain of Coronavirus is yet to show any signs of seasonality, but researchers firmly believe that eventually, it will increase in herd immunity. Combined with the vaccination and developing cross-immunity with the common cold are expected to achieve herd immunity quickly.

Researchers also mention that it is difficult to differentiate whether the public safety measures cause the reduction in COVID 19 transmission or the seasonal changes. So, it is assumed that this will continue spreading like HKU1 and NL63 until herd immunity is reached. But most flu viruses have gradually diminished in most instances irrespective of the season. It shows the effect of public safety measures in reducing virus transmission.

Do Follow Safety Measures

In this time of uncertainty, everyone must follow the safety measures to do our part in curbing the transmission of COVID 19. Follow all the public issued safety measures for your safety and the safety of others. Always:
• Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth while you’re out
• Maintain a distance of 6ft from others
• Keep sanitizing and wash your hands thoroughly
• Keep away from crowds