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  • By Admin
  • 15 Dec 2017

Who does not love a hot and steaming cup of tea first thing in the morning? Tea can be an important start of your day whether you want to rejuvenate or energize yourself. Today is 15th of December, which is observed annually as International Tea Day and has been celebrated since 2005 in tea producing countries like India, Bangladesh and Assam. Here, on this day we have come up with the three most common types of teas to choose from with all the health benefits in it. Let us have a look. White Tea White tea is the healthiest and is the best way to start your hectic day. It is one of the stress busters and antioxidants with anti-ageing properties in it and helps to neutralize the free radicals in the body, which could cause organ damage. Green Tea Green tea is the most common these days, especially popular among females who are keen to lose weight. It helps to burn fat and boosts metabolism and it is moderately rich in antioxidants which also protects you from cancer. Green tea is rich in caffeine, an active stimulant and keeps you awake for long hours. Lemon Tea Lemon tea is a form of black or green tea liquor that helps to detoxify the body by removing the toxins and refreshes your mind. Black Tea Black tea is fully fermented one as it contains more amounts of caffeine and tannins and a robust flavor. A warm cup of this tea surely revitalizes and energizes your lazy mornings. It is extremely rich in caffeine and can reduce the inflammation of the airways thereby providing relief to asthma patients. It can help sharpen and improve the intelligence along with some cognitive skills, as it is rich in L-theanine. Its soothing effect works as mood booster and enhances the feeling of happiness. Depending on your demands of the body, choose the tea that would benefit you the most. Many say one or two cups a day, without milk or sugar, can really help to detoxify your body and soul. So, sip and enjoy your early mornings by brewing your favorite cup of tea :)