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Interesting Facts To Reveal That Heat Waves Can Strain Your Brain

  • By Admin
  • 17 Jul 2018

Summers are really exhausting in several unknown ways. The intense heat not only makes you uncomfortable but also brings down your brain's performance. Having familiarity to the obvious signals of heat exhaustion like a headache, unconsciousness, dizziness, fainting, & more is not enough to understand the actual impact of heat strokes on your brain & the body. According to the report by Harvard, the vigorous impact heat can retard your brain's abilities to respond with the utmost precision. It's quite surprising for you as the global population is unaware of this fact that heat waves severely degrade your mental well being. Here is a brief analysis of the hazards of extreme heat in making you lethargic & dumber:

1. People without AC suffer from cognitive lags. As per a study by The Harvard School of Public Health, a brain becomes lesser active & accurate in case a person residing in the non-air-conditioned buildings. Considering the reaction time & precision of those living in air-conditioned area, the study reveals that low indoor temperature is a major factor that affects the functioning of a brain.

2. A study conducted at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2006 defined the role of extreme heat on the mental performance of students & workers in schools & workplaces. It was found that as the temperature begins reaching the saturation level, the workers performance starts to drop off.

3. As per another survey, the higher temperature & inappropriate lightning in the official workplaces impart stress to your brain resulting in poor cognitive performance. In other words, a person working in typical office buildings perform lesser as compared to those in green-certified spaces.

4. A report by the Harvard Environmental Economics Program suggested that students potential to solve simple numerical worsens during hot summer days. It simply means that bearing hot waves can affect the brain's ability to score well. In the conclusion, all the above facts are sufficient to define that heat strokes can bring a huge trouble for your brain function. Heat waves are scary but you can cope up with them with extra care & safety!