How we can get a good discount on medicines in India?

By ChemistsWorld On 16 Apr 2019

Pharmaceutical costs have been a point of stress for those in need of prescription drugs since the rise of the industry. This is a major issue that leaves many people in need out of luck when it comes to getting their medication. What is not understood is why the price of medicine is so high? However, there are still some choices aimed at helping consumers by offering discount medicine plans that could be antiseptic to the industry sore?

Understanding the industry

The process of developing a new medicine has mainly 4 basic steps. First, the research is funded, and once the formula has proven effective, a patent is filed. Next, the medicine is manufactured and then finally, marketed. Out of these 4 steps, research and marketing are the most costly.

For example, consider an example. A pharmaceutical company creates a formula that reduces the pain related to heart disease, they have to spend millions on the first step. As a result, they can not sell their formula at a low price and earn the profit. The price must be raised, and the pill must be sold, to clear profit, so marketing takes the place in the process to strengthen sales. However, in turn, the marketing cost, raise the price of the medication and the price for the pills becomes expensive.

Fortunately, with the emergence of some programs such as online pharmacy, we can get discounts on medicines in India. By offering different deals and discounts, these pharmacies have been proved as a big boon for the people who are in need of medicines.

The end of the patent era

When the aforementioned pain relief hit the market, it did so under the patient, a costly but legally ownership contract. The specific pharmaceutical owns the formula that means that other companies could not use the formula to compete with them. Unfortunately, the patent expires for the pharmacy and the off-brand or generic medicines hits the market at dramatically lower rates that make the original company out of the market.

Buy your medicines online in India to avail discounts

If you have ever had to buy drugs for any ailment, whether it be prescription or over-the-counter, then it becomes the best choice for you to visit online medical stores who provide all the medicines at good discount rates. These online pharmacies offer affordable pricing than local stores, with high access, a lower rate of products, convenience and anonymity for their customers. They are a boon for those people who are unable to go outside or live in remote locations. Some other points that make them the popular in the market are their personalized medicine reminder service, discounts, doorstep delivery within a short time, and validation of prescription through licensed pharmacists.