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How to Promote Hair Growth Naturally?

By ChemistsWorld On 04 Aug 2021

Nowadays, hair loss is becoming a significant problem among people worldwide. Many people face hair loss problems due to various reasons. While one suffers from hair loss due to stress, the other faces hair loss due to a poor diet.

Every day while we comb our hair, we see a few hairs, which is normal. However, when you constantly see a major chunk of hair on the comb or ground while combing, you need to take some necessary steps to prevent hair loss.

Some people notice bald spots on their heads. Bald spots are an alarming situation. These are the significant indicators that tell you to look after your hair.

You should consult a doctor to know the root cause of your hair loss. A doctor will give you a clear understanding of your hair loss. Moreover, they may give you some supplements and herbs that help you to grow hair without causing any side effects.

Taking supplements

One of the primary reasons for hair loss in people is the lack of specific vitamins. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., all these things are essential for healthy growth. Similarly, vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin C, or iron are necessary for healthy and strong hair growth. To complete the needs of these vitamins in your body, you can take multivitamins supplements. These multivitamins supplements are safe to consume.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Our diet plays a vital role in our body. A nutritious diet filled with proteins and minerals helps you to lead a healthy and happy life. According to a study, when you maintain a proper diet and basic exercise like cycling and running, you notice a significant change in your hair loss. When your hair gets the required and adequate amount of nutrients, they flourish beautifully. Within a month or two, you will notice hair growth in many parts of your head.

Massage your Scalp with Hot Oil

Hot oil massage is yet another technique that promotes hair growth. Hot oil massage circulates blood in your head, which slowly cures the roughness and dandruff in your head. It is recommended to massage your oil at night so that you can leave them for at least six to seven hours.

Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil is considered one of the best hair oils as it goes with all types of hair. Moreover, you can mix other oils like castor oil and olive oil with coconut oil for better and effective results. Coconut oil promotes hair growth, strengthens our hair, and reduces hair loss.

Particular Medications for Hair Growth

For some people, medication for hair growth is the only option. Natural hair growth takes time; for some, it works within four to six months, while for some, it takes more than a year. If you persistently see hair loss, consult your doctor and get the required medicine to avoid hair loss.

Low-Level Light Therapy

Low-level light therapy to increase hair density is usually recommended to those people who suffer hair loss due to chemotherapy. The therapy is also advised to those who face hair loss because of genetics.

Timely Clean your Hair

It is important to maintain cleanliness in our surroundings to avoid germs and diseases. A dirty environment causes health problems. Similarly, we also have to clean our hair regularly. Dirty scalp causes dandruff, hair loss, weak hair, and other hair problems. Avoid using highly chemical shampoo and conditioner as it weakens our hair. Choose less chemical shampoo and conditioner for good hair growth and to promote hair growth. Wash your hair two to three times a week after a hot oil massage.

Onion Juice Massage

After coconut oil, one thing that gives fabulous results in hair growth is onion juice. You can apply onion juice directly to your hair or mix it with coconut oil to make it more effective. Onion juice has shown positive results for hair growth and in preventing hair loss. Within seven to eight weeks, you will see prominent growth in your head.

Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil has many nutritional components that work as a natural conditioner got hair. Olive oil prevents hair dryness and stops hair breakage. Unlike coconut oil, you only need to apply olive oil 30-40 minutes before hair wash.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Some people prefer platelet-rich plasma injections for healthy hair growth. Consult your doctor to know which areas on your head need these injections.

Follow these simple steps to get long, strong, and healthy hairs within a few months. All these steps are safe and cause no harm to your hair or body.

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