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How To Keep a Safe Distance From Obesity?

  • By Admin
  • 15 May 2017

Being obese is not only a body type, but it is a serious health problem that demands special care. One needs to be very particular about the diet as well as lifestyle scenarios so as to completely abstain from falling under the category of being obese. In technical terms, it is a condition wherein an individual is overweight and holds a higher than normal level of body fat. After getting an understanding of the concept of obesity, you must be wondering about the diagnostic techniques for the same? Other than physical examination, there are other accurate ways to measure obesity. One of the most reliable measures is the calculation of Body Mass Index of a human body. There is a proper formula to calculate the same that says dividing the weight (in kilograms) with height in meters squared. Then there are various categories to check the exact level. Such as a BMI value in the range of 25-29 is considered as overweight and between 30 and 40 are considered to be obese. This is not at all a healthy condition to live in as the same has many negative impacts on the human body. In extreme cases, being obese can result in life-threatening diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular Problems, Strokes and even Cancer. Here, we have attempted to showcase some of the most beneficial tips to stay away from obesity. These includes a nice blend of dietary as well as lifestyle changes:  

  • Excessive Dieting Is a Big No: It is a myth that eating less would result in weight loss. This is the biggest risk that one can take with the health. Eating a nutritious breakfast is a must for giving your metabolism a kick start.
  • Physical Activity Is a Must: Following a sedentary lifestyle makes it really important to indulge in some kind of physical activity. It can be brisk walking, swimming, jogging or yoga. It is important to keep the body moving so as to utilize the calories that are consumed throughout the day.
  • Eat In Regular Intervals: Researchers have proved that eating at regular intervals is a must to keep the metabolism working. Giving a gap of more than two hours allows the body to store more fats.
  • Chose Protein Over Carbohydrates: Opting for proteins over carbohydrates is a sure shot way to maintain a safe distance from obesity. These are more filling and good for muscle building.
  • Go For An Early Dinner: Try winding up with the dinner at least two hours before going to bed in order to abstain from gaining any extra weight. The reason behind this concept is that if you will lie down just after the dinner, the body won't be able to utilize the calories consumed and the same will be stored as body fat.

Adopting these measures will definitely ensure that you remain fit and fine and will also keep a check on the body weight.