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Here’s An Ideal Date To Fight The COVID 19 Virus And Boost Immunity For Fast Recovery

By ChemistsWorld On 23 Feb 2021

Proper nutrition and hydration are essential for health and well-being. People eat healthily and get all the vital nutrients to get stronger immunity and are at low risk of turning ill. So you must consume fresh and unprocessed foods and stay hydrated.

Especially during a time like this, good nutrition should be given utmost importance. What you eat and drink plays a major role in boosting your immune system. Many dietary recommendations are being given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. All these guidelines stress the ability of a good diet for a fast recovery. Based on the guidelines here are some ideal foods that help Corona patients.

Eat Enough Calories And Protein

When you catch the Coronavirus, you will be drained of all the energy you have. So, calorie-rich foods will make you get back the energy. Eat more rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, cereals, and whole grains. But avoid eating out and junk food.

Eating protein-rich food will make you feel much better and will aid in recovering fast. Ensure that you consume at least 75-100g of protein every day. Include foods like lentils, legumes, dairy, soy products, and nuts in your diet. Meat, fish, and eggs are other protein-rich products for non-vegetarians.

Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide you with the necessary fibre, folate, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Some studies have proven that citrus fruits are more effective in fighting the COVID 19 virus. Eat more green leafy vegetables and starchy tubers. It is suggested that you take 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables at least four times a day.

Regulate The Consumption Of Fat, Oil, Salt, And Sugar

Reduce the amounts of saturated oils like butter, coconut oil, dairy, and fatty meat and take more unsaturated fats that are found plenty in fish, avocados, nuts, olive oil, soy, canola, and sunflower oils. Prefer to eat white meat than red meat as white meat is low on fats. Avoid processed meats and fat-rich dairy products. Eat fewer amounts of salt and sugar and do not eat processed snacks. Completely exclude soft drinks and drinks high in sugar from your diet. Opt for fresh, organic, and low-fat food instead.

Immune-Boosters Work Like Magic

Foods that are rich in phytochemicals and bioactive compounds majorly improve your immunity. Some of these include foods that are rich in vitamin A, C, and E, zinc, and protein. Herbs and spices which has these vitamins have immense effects in enhancing your immunity. A few immunity-boosting health drinks include buttermilk, turmeric milk, green tea, and herbal tea.

Keep Hydrating Your Body All Day Long

The role water plays to help you in recovery can’t be stressed enough. It is essential in transporting the necessary nutrients and regulating the temperature throughout your body. When a person is affected by Coronavirus, it dehydrates you. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day can help you regulate the water levels in your b.