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Healthy Kids are Healthy Adults Of Tomorrow

  • By Admin
  • 06 Sep 2016

Feed kids healthy food to raise them as healthy adults. Encourage your kids with healthy eating habits. Children develop a natural preference for the foods they enjoy the most, so try to make healthy choices appealing and yummy to eat. Make your children smart foodie. By teaching about children healthy eating habits, simultaneously modeling their behaviors can help children maintain a healthy weight and normal growth.

Points to ponder - Being parent one should focus on overall diet rather than specific food - Child imitates his parent, so be a role model - Cook more meals at home and avoid street food - Share the benefits of eating various foods to enhance their knowledge of eating healthy food. - Make healthy snacks available - Don't not make them over eat.

Foods To Boost Focus & Memory - More Water - Opt for whole grains - Nuts - Leafy green vegetables - oily fish - Blueberries - Add vitality with vitamins

Limit the sugar intake in child's diet - Do not completely restrict children from eating sweets - Give the home made recipe a delightful twist, so that children do not lose interest in your kitchen - Avoid too much intakes of sugary drinks - Don't replace healthy sources of saturated fat with refined sugary snacks - Create your owns treats, taking care of nutritional values.

Some basic mindset to make children switch to healthy food - Make up your mind first - Be gradual but firm - Let kids decide when they are hungry - Give rewards besides food - Make home cooking a priority - Let them see from where food comes from. - Pay attention to portion size and ingredients.