Healthy Foods That You Must Eat During The Monsoon Season

By ChemistsWorld On 12 Sep 2018

Rainy season is the one when there are more chances of getting stomach infections. These infections can become severe due to the faulty eating habits. Hence, in order to reduce the chances of such problems, one must make sure to consume a healthy diet. Here are certain foods that you can include in your diet to stay away from infections and diseases during the monsoon.


  • Include pepper, garlic, asafoetida, ginger, turmeric, jeera powder, and coriander leaves in the food as they help in proper digestion and improve your immunity.


  • Prefer drinking boiled water during the rainy reason as there are many germs in the water during monsoon. Consume a diet containing medium to low salt and completely avoid eating food that contains a high amount of sodium. This is because the high level of sodium in the body can cause high blood pressure and promotes bloating & water retention.


  • People who are non-vegetarians must consider consuming lighter meat preparations like soups and stews. Be careful with the prawns and fish. Avoid too much of meat and fish with heavy curries during monsoon.


  • You can include soup or warm Dal in your diet. To make it tasty, you can add clove, black pepper, turmeric, and saunf in it.


  • Saunf water can be consumed after every meal in order to help you digest food and reduce the chances of gastric problems.


  • Avoid taking food and vegetables in raw form. For instance, raw sprouts, they can cause indigestion and lead to gastric issues.

The above-mentioned are some of the foods that you must include in your diet in order to stay free from infections and diseases during the monsoon season. Make sure to visit a doctor and take medicine if you get an infection in the rainy season before the problem becomes severe.