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Five proven tips to stay healthy during the COVID-19

  • By Admin
  • 25 Sep 2020

The year 2020 has been a very challenging year for the entire world. The pandemic COVID-19 has wholly changed our lifestyles and outlook towards life. Being confined to our homes is quoted as one of the best ways to stay away from the disease, but is there any guarantee that you cannot catch the infection? Explicitly talking about India, the Corona Virus infection is now in the community spread phase, and only those with strong immunity and be saved from getting infected. We need to take proactive steps to protect ourselves, and our families from getting infected with the disease. The Internet is loaded with tons of information about staying healthy during the scenario, but we need to know which ones work. Let us have a look at the five fantastic and practical tips to stay healthy during the COVID-19:

Boost immunity by all means:

Strong immunity is something that can act as your biggest protector against the Corona infection. There are several medicines available in the market that vouch to enhance your immunity level. It is better to go for natural means and not fall for any synthetic drugs. Making simple dietary and lifestyle changes can show significant improvement in immunity. Some of the most effective yet natural inclusions in the diet are turmeric milk, citrus fruits, and vegetables such as Oranges, Indian Gooseberry, and Lemon, Yogurt, Basil, Garlic, and Zinc sources like chickpeas, cashews, and pumpkin seeds.

Keep that body moving.

A lazy body is a breeding ground for infectious diseases that directly hampers the immune system. Physical activity of any sort works well to stay healthy and keep the infections away. There is no hard and fast rule that only a particular type of exercise is useful. There are several options, and you can either follow one or can include a combination of some. A simple 30-minute walk or yoga is also enough to keep you in good mental and physical shape. Avoid visiting gyms and health clubs at this time because those are the breeding grounds of infection. Something light and manageable at your home comfort is what you need the most. Many people are also taking online workout classes that are super safe, effective, and convenient.

Up your liquid intake:

A significant rise in the intake of healthy liquids that you consume throughout the day is a proven method to remain safe from the Corona Virus. Make it a point to deliberately increase your fluid intake, specifically warm water, and immunity-boosting teas. For kids and the elderly, give them Basil water for better immunity. Stay away from artificial juices, soda, and alcoholic drinks as these only add up to unwanted calories while dehydrating the body.

Take charge of your mental health:

Everyone talks about and works on physical health, but people fail to understand that even mental health has a significant role in overall human wellbeing. The COVID-19 time is very stressful for all; hence, staying positive is essential for the desired mental health. Listening to good informative talks, music, and stories is an excellent way to boost mental health. Besides, practicing yoga, especially deep breathing exercises and doing meditation, are also known to improve mental health. Limiting digital devices' use and giving yourself some me-time is a great way to get a healthy mind.

Maintaining a diet and sleep routine.

Working by following a routine is one of the most underrated practices to be healthy, but it makes a big difference in real life. The lockdown has adversely affected a normal human being's work routine, which has further affected the mental and physical well-being. You must never give up on a proper diet and sleep routine because these are the two factors that significantly contribute to a balanced and desired health condition. Taking three timely meals, and maintaining a seven-hour sleep routine can help to stay super healthy not only during this time, but for the whole lifetime.


Your health quality is definitely in your hands, and you can raise it to a significantly high level by just paying attention to what is required. The above-elaborated tips to stay healthy during the COVID-19 are proven to show significant returns. Following the directions listed above are like a lifelong investment that will once day return with manifold interest and happiness.