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Fasting During Pregnancy on Teej? Here’s How To Stay Healthy

  • By Admin
  • 13 Aug 2018

Teej is celebrated with great fun and joy every year. All married women keep fast on this day to ensure a healthy, happy and long-lasting life of their husbands. Women, especially who are pregnant, must also take care of their health when they keep fast. There are certain religious customs and traditions in which women observe fast without drinking a single drop of water throughout the day. It is also noted that most of the women are rushed to the hospitals because of dehydration. This article speaks about various tips by which every woman who fasts on this day, can stay healthy and fit. It also helps with tips for pregnant women to stay strong and fit on this day.

Do not consume more tea: Many women consume tea during fast. But, excessive consumption of tea without eating anything can cause severe problems like dehydration. One must consume fruit juice instead of tea.

Consume small meals at regular intervals: It is very important to take of yourself as well when you observe fast. Being on a strict fast can lead to severe problems for your health and the developing fetus of pregnant women. Hence, apart from drinking juice, one can consume coconut water to stay away from dehydration.

Avoid too much walking or sitting: Pregnant women must not sit or walk for long when fasting. This may cause severe complications like slow growth of the baby, swelling of the legs, etc. Hence, it is important to take care of yourself and your unborn. Also, swelling of the legs can be due to other severe conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. Make sure to visit a doctor at the earliest. Apart from following the above tips, it is also advisable that pregnant women must skip fasting (if possible) to stay healthy and fit. Also, if you happen to observe fast on this day, make sure to check with your doctor for dietary needs. Pregnant women can also go on a diet of fruits and milk to fulfill the nutritional needs and stay fit throughout the day.