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Enhance The Glee Of Navratas With A Healthy Fasting Plan

  • By Admin
  • 21 Mar 2018

Navratri brings nine auspicious days to worship the Goddess Durga twice a year. During these days, festivities devote their prayers to nine avatars of Shakti with sacred sadhanas & fasting. Although the period of nine-day-long fasting is filled with spirituality and enthusiasm it encircles several health benefits as well. To excite with the spirit of Navratras, many people fast for all nine days while few devotees fast on the first & last day. Fasting specifies major significance in the Hindu rituals & worshipers also define it as a process of detoxifying a body. However, there are few things you need to keep in mind & fast alongside maintaining your health:

Stay Hydrated: During Navratri, people begin fasting with religious rites and they are supposed to consume only water & fruits throughout the day. No doubt, this will deliver sufficient fluid to your body & keep it hydrated. Just carry coconut water, buttermilk, lemon water, & other liquid while stepping out during fast.

Plan Special Lunch For Fasts: A meal that includes the dishes prepared with Kuttu atta, veggies, boiled potatoes, & a cup of raita is great along with a pinch of rock salt. Adding sendha namak will fulfill your craving for salt & reduce the chances of having low blood pressure.

Say No To Fried Snacks Or Meal: There is a big no for fast food if you are intensively fond of them. You can rather go for boiled & roasted peanuts to fulfill your hunger without oily foodstuffs. Moreover, the regular intake of fresh fruits will ease the digestion & infuse energy in your body.

Do Not Over Eat At Night: Fasting is an all-day-long process and it becomes tough with each passing day. Also, you might feel weak, tired, and little drowsy by the end of the day. It is beneficial to take light meal for dinner. Avoid overeating at night if you do not want to gain weight even during fast.

Meals To Include In a Diet Plan Of A Fasting Person Kuttu Flour- Prepare Chapati or Kachori using kuttu ka atta. It delivers sufficient amount of protein, vitamin, & iron in your body and eliminates bad cholesterol.

Puffed rice (Makhana)- Roast makhana & consume it with milk. It's rich in fiber & several minerals.

Sabutdana Khichdi- It is loaded with carbohydrates, iron, & calcium. It will control your blood pressure during fasting and energize your body.

Green Tea- End your day with a cup of warm green tea & revitalize yourself for next day. Hope, this guide will help you perform religious rites in Navratri along with healthy fasting. Spread happiness of Navratra celebrations & stay blessed!