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Drive Away Pregnancy Blues With Yoga

By ChemistsWorld On 30 Mar 2021

Pregnancy is a memorable time in the life of any woman. It can be the most wonderful experience one can ever have. Even while being pregnant, a woman can continue everything that she usually does with few changes keeping in mind the growing child. While being all things exciting, sometimes pregnancy may be the happiest of times. It is quite common among pregnant women to feel depressed and dejected. Exercise is proven to be quite impactful in keeping the negative thoughts and feelings at bay while taking extra care.

Yoga is something that pregnant women can consider as it is much simpler and safer while being the most effective. There are specific classes designed for pregnant ladies that improves circulation, fuller breath, and improved mental tenacity.

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

If you’re a beginner, you must find a trainer that specifically trains pregnant women, as there are many Yoga styles, and the style for pregnant women is usually more gentle and slow-paced. Doing Yoga regularly is proven to reduce stress and ease physical discomfort. It is essentially helpful during the times of childbirth by easing labor. It can improve your sleep cycle and decreases anxiety levels.

Has a Soothing Effect on the Nervous System

The emotional state of the mother has a significant effect on the baby. When the mother is feeling calm and peaceful, the baby will grow in a much happier environment. Hence, during prenatal anxiety, practicing Yoga will help the mother reduce stress and connect with her body. Some studies show that after a single yoga session, the level of stress hormones in the expectant mother’s body has been reduced by 14%. A pregnancy yoga class will give you a better window to relax and be at peace.

Making Pregnancy Even Comfortable

As the baby starts growing, there will be rapid changes in the body. It may lead to back pain, still neck and shoulders, abdominal cramps, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some styles of Yoga strengthen your pelvic muscles and core. There is a lot of stretching involved, which helps in relieving the body pains.

A few women may experience insomnia during pregnancy. Practicing Yoga regularly results in better sleep with very few awakenings.

Forming a Bond With Your Baby

While doing Yoga, you will have ample time to marvel over the wonderful phase of your life. You will be away from the hassles and focus on your pregnancy. Becoming aware of the baby and how you feel helps you connect with your baby mentally and physically. As time goes, you will understand the needs of your baby very well.

Preparing you For Labor

Some studies show that Yoga is associated with less pain during labor. When expectant mothers do Yoga, it helps them be aware of the body’s needs and that way gain control over it. It helps in reducing the anxiety during childbirth and contribute to shorter and less painful labor. Yoga during pregnancy includes several breathing exercises that are especially helpful during labor. When you breathe methodically, you will not only be relieved of your pain but also gain better control over the muscles involved in birthing.

When pregnant with a baby, social support is essential for both mother and child’s well-being. In a pregnancy yoga class, you will bond with other expectant mothers who might understand your concerns in a relevant way.