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Delta Wave Of Coronavirus: Precautions And Safest Activities

  • By Admin
  • 26 Aug 2021

After creating havoc during the second wave, the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be under control in India once again. Apart from a few states, the daily cases of Covid-19 have dropped drastically. Such a scenario indicates that the second wave of the pandemic is about to finish in India. While decreasing daily cases is a good thing, it also poses the risk of the third wave.

According to medical experts and researchers, the third wave of the pandemic may hit India anytime soon if people are not cautious. Taking the pandemic lightly can lead us to a miserable scenario once again. Even if you are vaccinated, you are not totally protected. Despite having two doses of vaccines, many people have become corona positive.

It does not mean that vaccines are not effective. Health experts have noted that the virus can quickly mutate. As a result, we are getting exposed to new strains of the virus. The new strains usually have more severe effects on human bodies. The latest strain of coronavirus that has become a concern for everyone is called the Delta strain. In India, the third wave of the pandemic can happen due to the Delta variant of the virus.

So, what are the preventive measures to adopt to avoid the Delta variant of the coronavirus? Find a guide in the following section.

Get Vaccinated Without Any Hesitation

To save yourself and your family from the deadly impact of Covid-19, there is no alternative to getting vaccinated. Many people are still hesitant about vaccines. Lack of knowledge and awareness are the reasons behind this. Vaccines that are available in India and other parts of the world are entirely safe. Each vaccine has undergone three phases of trials for ensuring safety for human beings. However, it is not a point of denial that vaccines can lead to adverse consequences. But, the chance is low. So far, only a few adverse cases have been recorded after vaccination.

Meet People Who Are Vaccinated

In the last one or two years, people had to stay at home for health safety. Staying at home without meeting others for a long time can cause mental stress. If you are vaccinated, you can now visit the places of friends and relatives. Make sure that people whom you meet are also vaccinated. Meeting people who are vaccinated will reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread from one person to another person.

Visit Parks for Morning and Evening Walks

During this pandemic situation, many people have switched to a work-from-home schedule. Work from home sounds like a smart idea, though it has a few negative impacts too. Those, who used to work in an office setup, will find work-from-home challenging. Moreover, sitting in the house for hours increases physical and mental fatigue. Going for a morning or evening walk to the park near to your house is a good thing. The fresh air outside the house will make you feel energetic.

Indoor Gathering in Small Groups

Instead of visiting a restaurant with friends, you can arrange an indoor gathering. If everyone is vaccinated, the risk of coronavirus infection will be reduced. House parties in small numbers are safer than gathering at a public place. In such social gatherings, wearing masks for safety is essential. You should wear masks, while you must also ask guests to wear the masks. Social gathering with kids is not a safe thing. Kids are not yet vaccinated, and thus delta variants can affect them the most.

Follow Guidelines for Traveling

Traveling during the pandemic is safe only if you follow the guidelines correctly. Wearing a mask is essential. At the same time, you need to sanitize your hands frequently. While traveling, you must keep a vaccination certificate along with you. For hotel and airport check-in, a double dose of the vaccines is mandatory in many places. If you are not fully vaccinated, you may have to carry an RT PCR test report during your trip.

Adhere to the Covid-19 Guidelines

Even if you are fully vaccinated, you should not overlook the Covid-19 guidelines. According to medical experts, vaccines give partial protection against the Delta variant of the coronavirus. Thus, wearing masks is still essential. If you can, you should sanitize your hands frequently when traveling. Avoiding the crowd is the best thing to do at the moment. If you have kids, you need to be more careful. People below 18 years are not yet vaccinated. Thus, they are more vulnerable to the adverse impact of the delta variant.

Covid-19 is here to stay, as many countries have started witnessing the third wave of Covid-19. In such a dire scenario, one has to be more precautious than ever.