Control Hair Loss with These Effective Hair Care Tips

By ChemistsWorld On 21 Sep 2018

Be it be man or woman, everyone around is trapped in a clutches of week scalp that sheds more hairs than it can grow. Being, one of the most common problems, hair fall has become an issue of major concern in youngsters and adults. However, the good news is that this hair loss can be prevented naturally by making some lifestyle changes that can be easily implemented in our lives and it can help us reduce the likelihood of hair loss.

Easy tips to prevent hair loss

  • Regularly wash your hair with mild natural shampoo in order to keep your scalp and hairs clean.
  • Include vitamin A, B & E in your diet. As vitamins not only, prevent hair loss but also good for your overall health.
  • Help curb hair loss by enriching your diet with protein. You can try eating lean meat, paneer, soy, fish or other protein supplements.
  • Massage your scalp daily with the essential oil like olive oil, argon oil, coconut oil, etc. for few minutes before washing your hair, as it will help your hair follicles to remain active.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair, because when hair is wet then they are in their weakest state. Therefore, one must not brush their hair when they are wet as it might lead injured your hair and increase hair loss.
  • Since your hair shaft is comprised of one-quarter water, so one must keep their selves hydrated in order to prevent hair loss.
  • Intake of alcohol effects adversely on hair. To see an increase in hair growth one must reduce the intake of alcohol.
  • De-stress yourself, studies have shown evidence to link hair loss with stress. You can reduce stress by practising meditation.
  • Avoid use of chemicals, as harsh chemicals and permanent hair colours, can lead to damage of your hair health. Try to re-grow your hairs naturally using organic products that include neem and aloe vera.

Well here, you go with few simple and easy to follow ways to control hair fall. One must not take their hair for granted rather should take care of them as a high priority, for an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of care.