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Best Foods to Relieve Loose Motion In Babies And Toddlers

  • By Admin
  • 04 Sep 2017

Loose motion is a difficult time for babies just like cold and cough for us. It may lead to dehydration as lots of water and salt is lost during the period. Though it flushes out the toxins out of the body; the weak and pale faces are saddening. So, here is a complete list of foods you can give to your babies during loose motions.

1) Banana: The organic fruit banana is an amazing food to cure the loose motions in kids or toddlers. You can use the cooked banana as it provides the instant energy for faster recovery.

2) Yogurt and Buttermilk: Buttermilk is the most loved food during loose motions by toddlers and kids and also ideal for babies above 9 months old. Add a pinch of salt and roasted jeera powder to enhance the flavor of buttermilk.

3) Breast Milk: During loose motions, breast milk is the only food required for babies up to 6 months as it has provided enough nutrients to hydrate the baby. You can increase the frequency of breastfeeding during loose motions.

4) Curd Rice: Curd is best gut friendly food during loose motions and can be given to babies of 7-8 months and above. A bowl of curd with a pinch of salt and sugar can be given too. Boil 1 cup of rice. Once it gets cooled add cup of curd and a pinch of salt.

5) Dal Khichdi: It is the best serve food during loose motions for babies of 6 months old and above. This can be made with rice and dal in running consistency. Do not add ghee into it as it is a natural laxative.

6) Apple Sauce: Apple sauce contains pectin that can help cure the disturbed bowel movements. You can chop the peeled apple and cook it well. Make its sauce by mashing it before finally serving it.

7) Boiled Potatoes: Potatoes form the most common form, available in the kitchen. You can feed this starch-rich food for a couple of days to your child. It is easily digested by the baby.

8) Cooked Carrot and Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate or Anar juice is an excellent fruit for your babies while having loose motions. It regulates the loose stools back to normal. Carrots contain starch and provide instant energy. Boil the carrots and chop it well and give your kid once a day.

9) ORS or electoral sachets: ORS is available in the medical stores and can be added in boiled cooled water and given to babies above 6 months. It helps to balance the electrolytes lost from the body preventing dehydration. You can make ORS solution at your home also. Add a pinch of salt and sugar into a glass of filtered water. Homemade ORS is ready.

10) Vegetable Soups: A vegetable soup is an appropriate food for babies and easily absorbed. However, make sure that there are no hot spices like green chilies, pepper powder or spinach, added in the soups provided during loose motion. There are some foods to be omitted completely during the entire phase of loose motions to ensure a quick recovery.

  • Milk shakes, ghee, pickles, and chutney
  • Fried, oily and street foods
  • Nuts i.e., Almonds, walnuts& Raisins

Hope this article about foods during the loose motion for babies and toddlers was helpful. Just follow these simple steps to recover your baby's health fast. If the baby does not respond well to these remedies or loose motion does not get stopped after 48 hours, immediately consult the pediatrician.