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  • By Admin
  • 01 Sep 2016

Though summer is almost on the last leg, the oppressive heat is lingering on. Dieticians say that eating the right kind of food can help abate dehydration and make you feel better as you deal with the heat.

Blessed Bottle Guard:

- It contains 90 percent water

- It is low in calories and a good rehydrating food.

- 100 grams of bottle guard is just 15Kcal.

- One can gorge on it in various ways like raita (curd), Pancakes, or can make a sweet dish of it like halwa.

The Healthy Cucumber:

Considered one of the best mid meal snack or finger food in summer It flush out toxins from the body. 100 grams of cucumber has 10Kcal and zero fat. Add this veggie in a vegetable juice, salad or on your biscuits or have as it is. Choose the green cucumbers and do not peel them. Having them with their skin is very good.

The Rich Spinach:

- It increases your immunity

- Helps in digestion

- High in iron & Fibre

- 100gms of this vegetable equals 24Kcal.

- Aids in weight loss.

- Add it in your pasta, Dal or Soup.

Ridge Gourd:

- Purifies blood

- Aids in Digestion

- It gives very cooling & calm effect

- Healthy for Blood Pressure patients


- It is eaten as a salad

- High fibre content

- 100gms of lettuce has only 15Kcal.

- Eradicate constipation

- Rich in Vitamin K, which helps increase bone mass

- Can be added in burger, sandwich, salads & stews.

- Go well with sea food


- 90% water content

- 100gms of zucchini comprises 17Kcal and zero saturated fats.

- Rich in potassium that we lose while precipitation. These are really healthy food items whose consumption leads to healthy well being.