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  • By Admin
  • 18 Dec 2017

For every pregnant woman, it is a special feeling to experience her baby's kicks while she is at 7th or 8th month of her pregnancy. By this time, you might find out some routines in his behavior and preferences. Normal behavior varies from one fetus to the other, but generally, all movements are good, no matter when it occurs. The small kicks, punching, rolling and twisting makes mother super excited and indicates baby's good health and well-being. As the time passes by, your baby's movements become more responsive to noises, sleeping and sitting patterns and uncomfortable positions. It has been often found that pregnant women often feel more movements during the night time. Actually, this time at night when there is no activity then baby becomes more alert. Again, it varies from child to child as babies can be more active during the day too and you might miss those small movements as you are most occupied during this time. However, the vigorous movements including kicks, punching can be felt at any time of the day. In case, you notice more movements during the night, try to observe such movements at daytime too. It might be that the child has developed a sleeping pattern. If you do not notice any movements during the day as well as at night time then do not panic. It does not mean that something is wrong, but you should also do not ignore it. Just keep on observing the movements, if they are getting little weird. This might mean that there is little fetal distress and there could be a deficiency of oxygen in the womb. Your gynecologist might also suggest you get an ultrasound to check the blood flow of placenta and well-being of the child. Of course, anytime if you have concerns regarding your baby and if you notice anything alarming, then you should definitely see your doctor to rule out the cause.

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