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Are You A Tea Lover? Try These Chai Variants This Monsoon

  • By Admin
  • 30 Jul 2018

Almost everyone loves Monsoon. And, when it's monsoon, who wouldn't love a cup of hot tea on a rainy day? So, why not try some new and exciting flavors this monsoon season? How amazing it would be to just relax on your couch and sip some new exciting flavors of tea on a beautiful rainy day. For all you tea lovers out there, here are some of the new, fresh and exciting tea flavors that you must definitely try this monsoon.

Masala Chai: If you are in the region from savory tea, you can add lemon-grass, ginger, black pepper and a pinch of nutmeg to your cup of chai. You can have this chai with hot pakoras and samosas to add an extra delight to your taste-bud.

Jasmine Green Tea: We Indians are die-hard lovers of Jasmine. One can easily find jasmine oil in all the Asian grocery stores. All you have to do is, add a few drops of oil in a cup of green tea and you will get a perfect blend. After consuming a cup of hot tea, you may consume this with some ice-cubes to have a perfect and tasty summer beverage.

Cardamom Chai: This is the most loved tea flavor in India. You get pre-made packets or you can make chai by yourself with fresh cardamom. The end result will be a sweet cup of chai that goes well with biscuits and cookies. You may also have shortbread cookies with jam centers as an amazing match.

Earl Gray: This flavor must not be known to many. But, it has found its way in the Indian culture. If you add some cardamom and milk, it gives you a taste of Indian Desi tea. If you prefer citrus-like and sweeter tea, you may try lady gray tea. If you do not have biscuits, you can use Parle-G biscuits or Animal Crackers(Includes Arrowroot Cookies and Tea Biscuits) to serve along with this tea. So, all you tea-lovers; are you reading this? Why don't you go and try these flavors today? Try them and enjoy rains to the fullest. Happy rains!