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Are You A Pani-Puri Lover? Here’s Why You Should Avoid It During The Rainy Season

  • By Admin
  • 23 Jul 2018

Monsoon season is definitely a test for your immunity and the worst part is that the certain diseases spread fast during this season. It is beneficial to restrict your love for pani-puri during the rainy season. In reality, it is best to avoid any roadside food during the monsoons. Here are the major reasons for you to do so. The prime reason is that the roadside eateries lack hygienic preparation. Moreover, if there are certain potholes or open drains around the food stalls, it may become quite dangerous. Also, if the food is not properly covered by the rainwater, dust, and flies, it could worsen the things even further. When it comes to your favorite gol-gappas, if the water is contaminated, you might suffer from diarrhea. Also, there are some vendors who pack the food with newspapers. Now, the dust on those papers may make your food more contaminated and harmful to consume. Even the containers of chutney, sauces, salt or pepper are usually filled with dirt and dust in the roadside eateries. During the monsoons, all these factors may create space for certain diseases and infections to enter in your body. Hence, one must completely stay away from the roadside eateries like gol-gappas, chat, red meat, and roadside juices.

Here are certain monsoon diet tips that you must follow while eating roadside foods:

  • Make sure to eat well-cooked food always. Avoid consuming semi-cooked or raw food as it may contain insects and germs.
  • Eat freshly prepared food. Ensure that the food is kept at its ambient temperature.
  • Avoid oily, heavy, sugary, or fried foods. The monsoon season slows our digestion and this may lead towards problems like gas, acidity, indigestion, and bloating.
  • Avoid eating roadside pav-bhaji or gol-gappas, as they contain disease-causing germs that may cause infection and indigestion.

Give your taste-buds a break from mouth-watering roadside gol-gappas during the rainy season and enjoy a happy and healthy monsoon! If you really wish to eat them, buy and eat them from good quality and trusted brand shops.