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A Working Woman’s Mantra to Maintain a Happy Work-Life Balance

  • By Admin
  • 04 Jul 2018

Becoming a parent is not an easy task. And being a working mother is more difficult. More mothers than ever are in the workforce. It's not an easy task to maintain your work life and personal life. But, it all depends on how well you manage this, as it can make a significant difference to your relationship with the family. It has got its plus and minus points to every choice that you make. If you are employed full-time or part-time, you may:

  • Have a better and higher standard of living and have fewer money problems
  • Also, have a life outside the home with friends and office employees
  • Feel pleased from within that you too are making a contribution in the family and in turn have more self-esteem.

On the other hand, you may also feel:

  • Disconnected from your family members and kids
  • Overwhelmed with too much pressure of work
  • Resentful of how much you have to do around the house
  • Too busy or tired to enjoy the social life

Now, if you are a new working mom and are in confusion to deal with the work life and personal life balance; here are certain tips for you to manage this situation:

First, get relaxed when you come home: When you enter the house, just forget everything that you did in the office, your fight with the manager/colleague, just leave everything aside. You can also take a ten-minute shower before you sit with your children. Always portray a happy face and mood in front of your kids. This makes them relaxed and they feel happy with you and have no complaints, even if you are there with them for just 30 minutes a day.

Make sure to dine with your children: For working women, dinner is the best time to get connected with the children. They can have a conversation with them about their day and just listen to them. This makes them feel contented. You also feel there's still a connection and your kid has not forgotten you yet.

Enjoy the bedtime with your kid: A kid finds the safest place in her mother's arms. You will also feel relaxed when you have your kid by your side. You can tell them a story until they sleep or just talk and have some happy moments.

Your soul-mate needs you too: Your partner is the best person in your life, who has helped you in your odd times. He also needs your time and attention. In this chaos, don't forget him. Have a date night at least once every month. This keeps your relationship alive and you, two can enjoy some time as well. Remember, even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. Give proper time to your family and kids, slowly they will realize your love and importance and value the relationship more. Spending quality time with children helps the relations become stronger and develop tighter bonds.